• Enrollment for 2017-18

    Davis County students in grades K-6 are welcome to enroll. Please contact us for current enrollment openings. Our enrollment is limited to 50 students. You can be added to the wait list for the 2017-18 year.

Learning First

Davis School District's Motto is Learning FIrst!

We believe that learning happens best when the student, parent and teacher develop a positive and trusting partnership.

To ensure that this happens we do things a bit differently at

Davis Connect.

Step One

The first step to enrollment is to make an appointment to meet with your prospective teacher.


We will ...

  • discuss your expectations in online learning
  • show you what your courses look like
  • talk about any needs you have as a learner
  • answer any other questions or concerns
  • To make an appointment contact Rebecca Reeder at 402-5342 or send an e-mail to rreeder@dsdmail.net

Required Documents


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